Visit a mountain farm
Visit a mountain farm
Visit a mountain farm
Visit a mountain farm
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Visit a mountain farm

The countryside is the perfect place to experience authentic Norwegian culture and traditions. Visit a cosy Norwegian farm – a great adventure and wonderful time for the whole family.

Small animal lovers can spend hours cuddling rabbits, play in the hay, feeding hens, and racing goats (watch your phones and hairpins – goats eat everything!).

Many farms are situated in stunning cultural landscapes. That same calm and collected feeling can be found on a summer farm in the mountains called a “seter” – a small, traditional hut in an area where farmers bring their livestock to graze during summer, just like they have done for centuries. Norwegian sheep, cows, and goats still go on a mandatory “summer holiday” to graze, usually from early July to late August.

Some ''seters'' in the surrounding moutains of Geilo are open for visits and even have small cafes where you can buy coffee, waffles and homemade dairy products such as sour cream, freshly churned butter, and delicious cheeses.

An idyllic yard with ancient buildings from the 1700-1800's. A gem in Geilo center for recreation, experiences and activities. During the summer, there is an outdoor cafe that serves sour cream porridge and other traditional food and sweets.
In the barn, there are exhibits, and all the buildings are open for visitors. For children, there is a nice play area; and they can visit the goat kids and chickens. Easy access from the big parking and a nice wide hard surfaces path in the middle.

Hakkesetstølen is located 1050 MSL right in the middle of the most beautiful hiking terrain on the Hardangervidda. Marked hiking trails, nice fishing waters and cozy cafe with homemade food. At Hakkesetstølen you will find small animals such as chickens and rabbits who love the children's attention. For groups, a guided tour with «Stølsliv før og no» about the farm work in the past and now can be booked.
Combine a visit to Hakkesetstølen with the Summer lift from Vestlia, over a clear but maybe a bit stony path it is only 1.5 km one way to Hakkesetstølen. Take the same route back and lift down again after your visit. If you prefer to come by car, you can park (paid) right at the door.

Hammarsbøen Gard
Hamarsbøen farm has been in the family for 350 years, and it is believed that the cows have also been in the family since the start in the late 17th century. This is how good high quality milk are produced, and good cheeses! In the summer, the cows are on the summer farm in Havsdalen for two months. Here you will find sales of own cheeses in addition to cheeses produced by surrounding farms. Hammarsbøen also produces and sells rømme/ a kind of sour cream and the best ice cream on the farm in Havsdalen.
Visit Hammarsbøen after you walked up from Geilo center over ''Pilvegen'' to Geilohovda or a perfect break after your bike ride to Prestholt.

Langedrag nature park.
At Langedrag, the family can experience wild animals up close, such as wolv, lynx, arctic fox, moose and reindeer. There are also different farm animals. There is guiding with feeding every day during the school vacations and weekends. Langedrag Nature Park can be found 45km from Geilo (Fv40 to Skurdalen, then follow the road along Pålsbufjorden to Tunhovd.) and is a perfect day activity for the whole family.

Fagerdalen is an active farm all summer and runs cheese production in the same way since 1702. Food and self-produced goods are served in the farmcafé. Fagerdalen is a living mountain farm where you can get up close to different animals in a pleasant environment. You can also buy a fishing license for our mountain lake.
You can reach Fagerdalen by car from Hovet, take the toll road up towards Bergsjøområdet and follew the signs. Even better to take the (electrical) bike and bike up over Holsåsen, Hovet or from Bergsjø.

Geilo Husky
Join a guided tour of Geilo Husky's kennel. Here you will get to know as many as 35 real sled dogs and many small puppies. You will meet everything from tough dogs who run Finnmarksløpet to really fast sprint dogs, but even though they look tough on the outside, they are incredibly cuddly and kind on the inside. Geilo Husky can be found in Skurdalen, and the kennel is next door to Jakobsplass.

Otherwise, Jakobsplass in Skurdalen with farm sales of own products and a little other handmade small items and Gurostølen in Høvet with farm sales and cottage rentals are worth a visit.