Summer in Hallingdal offers the best mountain experiences.
Activity Biking

Summer in Hallingdal offers the best mountain experiences.

Miles of bike paths, mountain peaks and marked walks for young and old, wild animals that roar and mountain foxes to meet. Bouncing fish and adrenaline filled activities, but also a wide cultural offer with museums, churches and concerts. Hallingdal has most things, and there are almost no limits to what you can experience this summer.

Stay a whole week in Geilo and discover both Hallingdal and the fjords in day trips.

Hallingdal is a real family valley where children can enjoy memorable experiences. Hallingdal is also the valley for the cycling-loving people, in each village there are well-made cycle paths with different skill levels. Hallingdal is also the cultural valley with many traditions, local food producers and a diversity of exhibitions, festivals and museums.

Hallingdal is the children's valley
Bjørneparken - In Bjørneparken on Flå, magical meetings occur between animals and humans. And Plaskeland (Splash land) gives you a cool down on the hot days.

Langedrag - In few places do you get as close to animals and nature as in Langedrag Nature Park. Here everyone gets a unique experience.

Geilo Summer Park - Bring the whole family and join in the airy hovering in the Høyt og Lavt climbing park with different elements and ziplines. Here you will also find trampolines, summer lift, bike rental, pump track and cafe.

Høyt og lavt climbing parks - Both in Hemsedal, Ål and Geilo you will find climbing parks from Høyt og lavt. The offer is varied and has something for all ages and skills.

Horseback riding - Several places in Hallingdal you can see the outside world from horseback. The offer varies with short child-friendly trips up to longer trips that last for several hours. There are offers in every village.

Indoor and outdoor bathing areas - Badeland Tropicana in Gol and Eventyrbadet at Vestlia Resort in Geilo offer indoor water enjoyment for everyone. If the temperature is good and the sun is high in the sky, there are great bathing spots throughout Hallingdal.

Hallingdal is a culture valley
Ostebygda - In Hol, 8 local cheese producers have joined forces and offer a local food shop. Follow the development, they also plan to open an eco-museum

Churches - In Hallingdal there are original stave churches for example in Hol and Torpo and modern churches with exhibitions such as Geilo culture church.

Museums and art - Leveld Kunstnartun has exhibitions along a paved path with a photo, sculpture and installation exhibition. Rolf Nesch museum, rose painting art collection and stave church museum in Ål offer a wide cultural offer. Ølhøner collection and art collection at Vestlia Resort together with a changing exhibition in Geilo Kulturkirke and Huldre forest are among the cultural elements Geilo has to offer.

Historical museum - Throughout Hallingdal you will find larger and smaller historical building museums. Here you can learn about life in the old days, attend workshops and lectures or marvel at the building style. In Nesbyen you will find Hallingdal Museum the largest historical building museums with many activities throughout the year.

Festivals - From Helt på Vidda music festival and Norsk Matglede in Geilo to Huckfest Bike Festival and SundreBall in Ål. Fåre Festival and Goldagan both at Gol and Rockabilly Rumble and Hallingmarket at Nesbyen.

Hallingdal is a bicycle valley
There are two national cycle routes through Hallingdal, namely number 5 from Larvik to Geilo and number 4 from Oslo to Bergen. If you love touring bikes, there are well-known and lesser-known bike rides such as Rallarvegen, Mjølkevegen, Hallingdalsruta and Fanitullvegen. And if desired, all of these can be combined together for a long cycling holiday.

Do you love more action-packed bike rides, Nesbyen is something for you, with top quality and a wide selection of trail cycling in nature. Also in Hemsedal, both landscaped trails and downhill sections with lift-based cycling. Lift-based cycling can also be found in Geilo, with three trails from the top in Vestlia. In the same area on Vestlia, there are many hand made paths with a wide range of difficult offers.

In direct connection to the center of Flå, Nesbyen, Gol, and Geilo there is a pump track where both young and old can develop their cycling skills and technique, most often there are also several cycle paths nearby to expand the offer even more.

Read more and find all trails on Hallingdal Rides.

Hallingdal Action dal
Do you enjoy exploring your limits? Join a Via Ferrata in Hemsedal, take a rafting trip or canyoning trip in Dagali and join a guided tour up on Hardandangerjøkulen glacier. Throughout Hallingdal you will find lift-based cycling as in Hemsedal, Nesbyen and Geilo.

If you love even more speed and excitement, there is a wide range of motorsport offers on both Gol and Dagali.

Hallingdal natural pearls
Gardnos Meteorite Park - Hear dramatic stories from knowledgeable guides and let the kids take the Junior Geologist test. In Nesbyen, there is a meteorite crater up on the mountain.

Hallingskarvet National Park - Hallingskarvet is the guide for the whole of Hallingdal, almost from all places you can see this 38km long mountain ridge. Easily reach Skarveenden with the Sherpa stairs and a full 500 meters within 2 km. From here you get a great view of Hardangervidda.

Skogshorn - Also at Skogshorn in Hemsedal there is a sherpatrap that makes the trip easier and safer. At the top you get a fantastic view on to Rondane and Jotunheimen.

Hardangervidda National Park - Europe's largest high mountain plateau with an incredible number of trails and hiking opportunities throughout the year. Go from cabin to cabin or set up tents by a river. Just driving over RV 7 is an experience in itself.

Golsfjellet - an incredibly accessible area with both views to Skogshorn and Hallingskarvet. Here there are opportunities for both hiking and trail cycling for all skills and lengths.