Skarverennet 2025
Skarverennet 2025

Skarverennet 2025

Take part in spring's most beautiful adventure.

The Skarverennet, the world's third largest cross-country skiing event, was first organized in 1974. In 2024, the Skarverennet has its 50th anniversary. Now we will continue this ski adventure further, join us and registrate your ticket. This usually opens in October

The 37 km long track runs from Finse over the high mountain to Ustaoset and is walked by more than 12,000 ski-loving, nature-loving exercisers every year in the latter half of April – spring's most beautiful adventure. The tranquility of the mountain, the unique view and the atmosphere are very special, and so is the joy of reaching the finish line at Ustaoset.
Freestyle was introduced in 1987 and since then you have been able to choose a style.
3 alternative tracks, 37 km Finse - Ustaoset, 25 km trail Haugastøl - Ustaoset and 15 km Geilo - Ustaoset.

It is a cross-country race starting at Finse/Haugastøl and arriving at Ustaoset. It runs along the Hallingskarvet in fantastic nature. Behind this great race with long traditions stands sports club Geilo IL with a bunch of volunteers who are at your disposal from start to finish.