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Geilo is the middle of snow kite paradise with lots of good kite opportunities in all directions. The kite course in Geilo is held at the top of Havsdalen which is a very windproof kite location! There are more course locations all over Norway!

Everything is ready for a fantastic weekend in the mountains. Bring your friends, company or come alone. teaches you to kite with Norway's best kite course adapted for beginners and experienced at all ages. In a 2-day kite course, you learn all of the basic theory so that you become an independent kiter. There are also day courses and three-hour intro courses. The only thing you have to bring are your skis or snowboards (can also be rented in Geilo or Haugastøl).

If you have a cabin in Geilo, Ustaoset, Haugastøl or on the west side of the Hardangervidda, you can choose a 2-day kite course on the Hardangervidda. Experienced and committed instructors take you to one of Norway's very best kite areas; Hardangervidda! It is a windproof area, you get good follow-up and a lot of equipment to use at the course. You can also choose a day course or 3 hour intro course.

The goal of the course is to become an independent kiter so that you can continue to practice on your own. You learn everything you need to know about safety and kite control. Depending on your skills, most people start kiting already on the first day.
The course is complete and no shortcuts are taken on the way to good kite control. At you get safe kiting with a safe development based on your own ambitions and prerequisites.