Indoor child playground at Vestlia Resort
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Indoor child playground at Vestlia Resort

Vestlia Resort is a child friendly hotel with an amazing indoor playland where the children can enjoy long slides, ballroom, soft pillows, climbing ropes and a large playground.

The children can also celebrate their birthday here! Delicious birthday food is served in a reserved and birthday-decorated room, and after dinner they can play and enjoy the joyful atmosphere.
– You don’t have to set the table or retrieve and organize everything needed.
– You don’t have to clean afterwards.
– We take care of all the practicalities.
– After the meal simply just let the kids «take off» in Lekeland where everything is arranged for the childrens’ energy to be channeled into activities they enjoy.

You can also use the time at Lekeland for activities like sack- and potato-races, chair-games, adjective stories, relays competitions etc. – There are many opportunities for activities in Playland!

For booking:
Tel: 32 08 72 00