Huldreskogen - fairytale forest
Huldreskogen - fairytale forest
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Huldreskogen - fairytale forest

An outdoor adventure experience gallery where you can get to know the Norwegian fairytale people from the underground...

An incredibly exciting project from artist Margrete Birkeland together with Visit Geilo and Hol municipality has launched an outdoor initiative that everyone who wants can enjoy :)

We are simply making a Huldre forest, where photographs from the series "The people of Huldre, before they are forgotten ..." are on display. Here you can experience the underground in its right elements, unleash your imagination .. !!
Large easels in solid wood, texts with exciting stories, campfire site, benches and an outdoor "nature scene".
Everything is rigged to be able to give locals, schools, tourists and the cabin people a magical experience. Here you can read, learn and fantasize about how the underground live and how they were once much more central in our lives than they are today.

Huldreskogen opened on 15 September 2018. Come and experience, all year round!
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Who are the Huldre people?
Huldre is in Norwegian folk tradition a supernatural female creature that lives in mounds, caves and holes inside the mountains. Hulder is also used as a collective name for underground beings and including hulder men.

There are many legends about huldra; she is beautiful with long golden hair, but has a cow tail and is sometimes hollowed out in the back. She is known for luring and tempting men who are on a fishing trip or hunting in the mountains. She can get you in trouble but can also help and comfort you. They are musical and many fiddlers learned from huldrespel, huldreslått and huldrelokk.

Huldre people belong especially to the farm tradition in Eastern Norway. Hulder formed from the Old Norse verb hylja, «hide», «conceal»