Hol Bygdemuseum (historical museum)
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Hol Bygdemuseum (historical museum)

Hol Bygdemuseum is an open-air museum at Hagafoss in Hol.

The museum is built up like an old holingsgard, and also has a homestead and a stable. A couple of the living rooms are richly decorated with rose paint. The museum also has an exhibition building, with costumes and various objects. An older mountain farm, Dokken in Sudndalen 20 km away, is also part of the museum. From 2004, the museum has been part of Hallingdal Museum

The houses are from different places in Hol municipality, most from the 18th and 19th centuries. Including steel and smallholder space, there are a total of 17 old buildings.

Museumsgarden consists of indoors and outbuildings: Sveingardsstugu, Stasstue from Nestegard - rose painted by Kitil Rygg, and kårstue from Raunsgard - rose painted by Kristen Ånstad. Post house, attic, barn, barn and stable.

Firehouse, smithy and sauna are a little further away due to the danger of fire with such houses.

The mill house is below the yard, and on the stable above the farm there is a stable shed and a foyer.

Below the yard there is also a smallholding with 3 houses: living room, post house and a barn with barn below. These 3 houses were previously in Meiebakka in Mogrenda.

In addition, we have an exhibition building with, among other things, rose paint and village costumes. Hol Bygdemuseum has a great costume exhibition, which shows how people dressed in Øvre Hallingdal in the past, in addition to objects from the old peasant culture.

Regular events are open on the opening day of the summer season, as well as Holsdagen in July / August, which is an old-fashioned peasant wedding with a wedding in Hol old church, followed by a honeymoon to the museum at Hagafoss, and a wedding party in the museum yard.

01 Utstillingsbygget
02a Seterbu
02b Løe
03 Raunsgardsstugu
04 Nestegardsstugu

05 Eldhus
06 Stallar med trev
07 Låve
08 Badstugu
09 Fjøs
10 Husmansstugu
11 Husmannsstolphuset
12 Kvernhus
13 Ovavollloftet
14 Smie
15 Stolphus
16 Setesugu, Sveinungardsstugu
17 Redskapshus
18 Prestestugu
19 Tingstugu
20 Nord-Hovet gamle skole
21 Øvrevolleigestugu
22 Arresthus
23 Stolphus

Source: buskerudmuseet.com