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Geilo Holistic Studio
Geilo Holistic Studio
Geilo Holistic Studio
Geilo Holistic Studio
Geilo Holistic Studio

Geilo Holistic Studio

Geilo Holistic Studio is a project created by three close friends whom all have their unique approach towards realizing a holistic lifestyle. The term “holistic” is used by us in order to illustrate a wider, more humane understanding of life our human nature which we together wish to draw attention towards.

All our services stem from this basic assumption that every single human being is a valuable resource within its local community and a much greater whole. It`s our goal to show how each of us can strengthen this greater whole through self- cultivation, learning how to make the right decisions for our personal growth.

Together we offer different types of counseling, guidance and terapeutic services. Although these services are different, they all seek to strengthen our ability to create healthy, happy and self-empowered lives.

We wish that our studio can facilitate a positive networking between like-minded people from near or far. Our studio constitutes a physical stage for all those who wish to contribute within a local community where the values of creativity, cooperation, openess and sharing are combined with the value we give to each individual and its personal growth.

Between the three of us our studio offers a wide range of life-enhancing, proactive services and treatments, such as:
• Yoga
• Mentoring/coaching
• Reiki
• Authentic cacao-ceremonies
• Sound-healing (instrumental meditation)
• Different types of massage
• Intuitive artwork
• Personal guidance through the principles of Human Design and/or Mayan Cosmology.

We also arrange some courses and events, relative to the current restrictive guidelines that apply within our local municipality.

You are truly welcome to stop by or make contact if you wish to know more! Ourvisiting-adress is Veslesslåttvegen 17 (entrance left to the tourist-office) in the center of Geilo.

Sondre his services in Geilo Holistic Studio
My name is Sondre Sheldon and I have grown up here in Geilo. Together with my wife Jennifer and friend Rachel, I help run our relatively new business called Geilo Holistic Studio. Our wish is to fill it with each our unique passion and offer healthy, beneficial services out towards our local community, including thos who come to visit, such as YOU.
I very much enjoy painting with acrylics, so I use our studio as a working-space for creating art. I also like to let my paintings inspire me to create short texts or poems. It brings me joy to be able to express any kind of inner process, to make insights visible, and to simply CREATE through a structured use of my own intuition.
I invite YOU to participate in my own creative process. When you arrive to experience an “artistic session” with me, I will share those unique, creative processes which I benefit from. It doesn`t matter whether you are a new-beginner or already have some experience with making your own art. I`ll adjust my ways to anyone - also children are welcome to join.

Besides my artistic work, I also offer so-called “readings” or personal counseling. Here, I seek to express my intuition through the structural framework of both Human Design and Mayan cosmology. My goal is to combine these different approaches in order to achieve a more complete view of YOUR being. This service is also combined with a cup of authentic guatemalan raw-cacao and a meditative drum-session. Usually, a complete session takes about two hours.

Rachel her services
Rachel is a certified yoga, movement & wellness specialist. Working with all people to help create functional and sustainable movement patterns and overall increase joy and energy.
She has experience working with those in recovery from injury, athletes looking to improve performance and recovery and everyday people looking to feel and move better.

She is also a qualified Ski instructor and works with improving ski technique, confidence and reducing the risk of pain and injury.

Rachel works with
• Functional yoga & movement
• Improving the quality of breath
• Posture and biomechanics
• Deep relaxation techniques
• Bodywork, fascia, manual therapeutics and trigger point
• Mental, emotional support and guidance
• Lifestyle and habits
• Energetics and self-healing

Working 1 to 1 with Rachel is the best ways to feel and see results, and start feeling better.
1 off session 90min 1200,-
60min session 550,-
3 x 60 min session 1500,-
6 x 60min session 3000,-

You can also arrange private group yoga sessions with Rachel, Great for corporate events, weekend trips with friends and special occasion. All will be tailored to your needs.

Contact Rachel for a quote and individual planning of your session.

Holistic greetings from Jennifer, Rachel and Sondre