Fishing lakes and fishing lisens
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Fishing lakes and fishing lisens

Information about fishing lakes from Østre Hol Jeger og Fiskeforening and Geilo Jeger- og Fiskerforening. Also information about private waters and sales of private fishing licenses.
The vast majority of fishing licenses can be purchased at!

The fishing license areas for Østre Hol Jeger and Fiskeforening
The majority of the lakes that the Østre Hol association has at its disposal are within Hallingskarvet National Park, from Ynglesdalen to Kyrkjedørsvatna. Trout are released regularly so the stocks are evenly good and are in proportion. The meat quality is usually excellent with a nice red color.

Fishing license: Purchased from i.a. Storestølen Fjellstugu, Myrland Tourist Center, Kiwi Hagafoss.
Other information: Under the portal to there is information about Østre Hol JFF.

The fishing license area of ​​Geilo Jeger- og Fiskerforening
The area consists of i.a. of the Ustedalsvassdraget, which has its passage centrally through Geilo, from Kikut and west to Grødalen we find several good lakes such as Store Hakkeset, north of Haugastøl is a number of exciting alternatives and last but not least: one hour walk from Tuva Turisthytte tempts Skjerja, there the average weight of the trout is around the kilo.

Fishing license: sports shops, Geilo Tourist Information, some accommodation companies and at (only Norwegian bankcard) and Download the app and find and buy the fishing lisens you want all over Norway. (All type of bankcards also foreign)
Other information: Under the portal to there is information about GJFF.

Some mountain roads have tolls or paid parking. The road to Tuva is closed to motorhomes.
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