Dogsledding under the Stars
Dogsledding under the Stars
Dogsledding under the Stars
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Dogsledding under the Stars

Are you planning a special trip for your loved one? Or want an exclusive trip with only you and yours? Join an evening dogsledding under the stars and campfire throughout the evening.

Organizer: Geilo Husky

Duration: The place in for you the entire evening, but the dogs and guides will go home after two hours. The dogsledding itself takes about 45min, the experience in total takes about 1,5 hour.

Price includes: Dogsledding and hot drink

Number: Only 4 guests per tour. If you want the experience to be exclusive for the two of you, book all four places. Feel free to send us an email if a proposal is planned during the trip, and we can provide advice and good experiences for a successful implementation.

Wear: Windproof and warm jacket, trousers and gloves. Warm hat and buff. Winter boots. (Unfortunately, we do not offer clothing).

Parking: Parking space above the red house in Bakkestølvegen 56. Look for the Geilo Husky sign. Be careful not to get in the way of Red Cross evacuation or block the helipad.

Age limit: Children are considered from 3-11 years. From the age of 12 is considered an adult and will try to drive the sled if desired. Dog sledding under the stars is suitable for children and adults. Children under the age of three can be turned away if it is very cold or windy. Children aged 0-4 are usually best on an adult's lap, let us know if you have children in this category.

Meeting point: Geilo Husky campsite in Vestlia - Bakkestølvegen 56 - about 50 meters down into the forest from the road.

Contact information: or tel. 924 66 920

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before the booked time.

Drive your own dog team for 10 km/40-50 min on Ustedalsfjorden.

If you want to try dog ​​sledding and want some extra time on the back of the sled, we have a slightly longer trip on the Ustedalsfjorden, in the middle of the National Park village of Geilo.

With Geilo Husky you get to drive your own sled with some of Norway's fittest Alaskan Huskies. Two people share a sled and take turns driving and sitting in it.

If you choose "Dog driving under the stars", you will receive instructions from experienced dog drivers before you can try driving completely by yourself for 40-50 minutes (approx. 10 km).

This tour is suitable for everyone, including those with various challenges or limitations. Contact Geilo Husky for arrangements at

From 1 April, the dogs will move up to Hardangervidda at Halne Fjellstue.

Geilo Husky follows national and local guidelines for infection control. We encourage the use of masks and good hygiene routines. Important! Dogsledding with Geilo Husky are at your own risk. You need to have travel insurance to come dogsledding with us.