Dogsledding- Half day trip
Dogsledding- Half day trip
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Dogsledding- Half day trip

Come with us on a 3 hour trip with some of Norways finest huskys


Organizer: Geilo Husky

Duration: 3 hours

Quantity: We usually run 5 pax per trip, but this can vary. Let us know if you are a group or you have other questions regarding capacity.

Clothes: On this trip you need clothes to be outside. It is mostly a very quiet activity, so it is important to dress well. Clothes that are windproof and warm, warm winter boots, thick wool socks, mittens and a thick hat. If there is snow or wind in the air, glasses are good to wear (slalom glasses, sunglasses, safety glasses, most things work). We have some clothes for loan, let us know about the need for this at in good for the planned trip.

Parking: Information coming

Agelimit: Children are counted from 0-11 years. From the age of 12 is considered an adult and will try to drive the sled if desired. Dog sledding tasting suitable for children and adults. Children under the age of three can be rejected if it is very cold or windy. Children 0-4 years are usually best off on the lap of an adult, let us know if you have children in this category.

Meetingplace: Skurdalen, information coming

Contact information: or +47 905 98 252 / +47 924 66 920

During winter you can join a unique half-day trip with huskies on the Skurdalsfjord and the surrounding area. The experience takes three hours, and during this trip you will ride a sled, experience well-trained huskies who take you on a tour of beautiful winter landscape at the foot of the Hardangervidda. During the trip there are several breaks where you can take pictures, get something hot to drink and a snack. You will be able to lower your shoulders, get your breath and pulse down during a hectic Christmas time, and just enjoy the ride with your friends and loved ones.

You are two people sharing one sled and husky team of 5-6 dogs. One drives the sled while the other is on, and we change halfway so everyone can try to drive the sled. First in line running an experienced guide com will assist should any challenges arise. The guide is a dog walker who knows each and every one of his dogs very well. Do not be surprised if the entire team you are given has completed the Femundløpet and Finnmarksløpet up to several times.

Our tours start at 10.00 and 13.00. For those of you who are going to drive the trip at 13.00, it is nice with a headlamp, it can get a little dark towards the end of the trip. We also have some headlamps for lending.

This tour is suitable for everyone, also for you with different challenges or limitations. Contact Geilo Husky for facilitation at