Alpine ski school 5-6 years - Geilo Ski school
Activity Ski Ski school

Alpine ski school 5-6 years - Geilo Ski school

Alpine group ski school: Monday-Thursday


Duration: 80 mins from Monday to Thursday 

Age: 5-6 years 

No. of participants: Minimum 3 to start the course

Please bring: Ski pass and ski equipment (not included). Also clothes/goggles, etc (suitable for the conditions).

Important info for parents: Make sure that the child has been to the bathroom and has eaten before attending the lesson

Meeting place: Slaatta (Timrehaugvegen 34, 3580 Geilo) 300m from Geilo train station and 150m from Dr.Holms hotel

Contact information: Geilo Skiskole +47 32090370 or

All courses are tailored to the student's skill level and age.

Important that you select the right level, we cannot guarantee a slot in another group.

Group ski school is perfect for those who like to learn together with others. All group courses start on Mondays.