Action and Adrenaline!
Action and Adrenaline!
Action and Adrenaline!
Action and Adrenaline!

Action and Adrenaline!

20% off two of the summer's most thrilling activities! Rafting in Numedalslågen + Mountain Cart at Dagali Fjellpark!

The package includes:

20% discount on two of the summer’s coolest activities for those who love action and speed! 

- 3-hour rafting experience including snacks with Dagali Fjellpark: "Classic Rafting" (12 years)

- 1-hour Mountain Cart at Dagali Fjellpark (12 years / 150 cm)

Classic Rafting including snacks:

This trip is suitable for most people and is filled with action and exciting rapids. You'll raft through grade 3 and 4 rapids such as "Devil's Playground," surf through "Angel's Gate," and navigate "Cocktail" and "Ismarfoss," depending on water levels and the starting/ending point on the river. You don't need any experience for this trip, but you must be able to swim. 

Duration: 3 hours 

Includes: Rafting and snacks 

Age limit: 12 years (participants must be able to swim) 

Bring: Wool/thermal underwear and wool socks, dry change of clothes, and a towel 

Mountain Cart: 

In one hour, you can take up to 8 rides: take the lift 570 m up, then race down 670 m at full speed, with a total drop of 84 m! 

Mountain Cart is designed for pure downhill fun. With high stability, a comfortable seat, and three wide wheels, it ensures a smooth and exciting ride down the gravel track. The two independent drum brakes on the rear axle let you stop and skid exactly when you want. The staff at Dagali Fjellpark are ready to help attach it to the ski lift, making it easy to handle the cart and start the next round. Get ready for an unforgettable day of Mountain Cart in Dagali! 

Price includes: Rental (Mountain Cart, full helmet, goggles), lift pass 

Age limit: At least 12 years old and 150 cm tall, maximum weight 100 kg 

Bring: Sturdy shoes and a good mood! 

Activity organizer: Dagali Fjellpark 

Meeting place: Dagali Fjellpark, Perstulvegen 100. NB: Please arrive 15 minutes early. 

Contact information:, +47 906 22 675,

Price Explanation: The included activity is already discounted and therefore does not appear in the red prices after you have selected a date.